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Friday – November 28th, 2012


In that post, I stated that the post was really my last ditch effort to connect with someone (anyone) who could possibly help me get serious consideration for my proposed ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION embedded within the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB and MAG-NET LOCAL Projects, before I would be forced to put these projects on “indefinite hold”, in order to take “whatever $10.00 per hour job I could possibly find to keep myself and my family from ending up homeless, and in the streets”.

Well, as you might imagine — given the fact that I’ve been silent and gone from the blogosphere for nine long months — that last ditch effort WAS NOT SUCCESSFUL.  — And, I did indeed have to put the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB and MAG-NET LOCAL Projects — and my efforts to roll out the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION that the world so desperately needs — on INDEFINITE HOLD, as I took on whatever job I could find, to keep my wife and I from ending up homeless.  (Oh well — such is life.  At least I WAS successful in finding a new job, and my wife and I aren’t living in a box somewhere.)

While this setback is indeed highly unfortunate, and my current SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK work schedule has seriously curtailed my ability to muster the time and energy required to continue moving these projects forward even minimally; I do hope that I will eventually find myself in a position to once again continue development of the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, MAG-NET LOCAL, and the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION, that will make it possible for YOU… ME… and ALL OF US, to acheive the lives, and standards of living, that each of us desires and wants, for ourselves and our families.  Just know that such a solution is possible, and I will continue in whatever ways possible to bring it to the world.

God Bless You and Best Wishes to You All.  — And, stay tuned for future updates as they becomes available.

Michael L. Brown – Project Manager – MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD.


Michael L. Brown is the Founder, CEO, and Director of Development of Brown Developmental and MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD. He is a self-educated expert in business development, strategic planning, economics, and marketing, and has more than 25-years of professional business and operations efficiency experience, along with a keen insight and 8 years of R&D experience in economic development.

Through the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB’S Geographic-Based MAG-NET LOCAL System, he seeks to bring “A New Economic Engine for a New Economic Age” to the World, and is also available for consulting projects and speaking engagements. To inquire as to his availability for your project or event, send a request for more information to


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My SHOUT-OUT to the Economic Development Community, the WHITE HOUSE, and President Obama   10 comments

Thursday — March 1st, 2012 — Fostoria, Ohio — USA

By Michael L. Brown — Founder, CEO, and Director of Development — MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD and BROWN DEVELOPMENTAL


Okay… So, listen — Before you finish reading this post, you’re going to find yourself wondering if this guy is INSANESIMPLY DELUSIONALA GENIUS (they say there’s a fine line between genius and insanity — and who am I to say on which side of that fence I might actually sit?)… or WHATEVER — and you’re also going to wonder whether or not everthing I’m about to say here, is actually legitimate, and possibly true, and what I believe it to be.

All I ask is that you give me the benefit of the doubt for awhile…  read my story… consider it with as open a mind as you can muster — then let the pieces fall where they may.

In the end… if I turn out to actually be INSANE or DELUSIONAL — at least the authorities will be alerted and they can come strap me into a strait jacket, haul me away, and put me on some meds. — But IF I AM CORRECT in what I believe… then we will be on a course to make great strides in solving many of the world’s most serious and challenging problems, and set the stage for “HAPPIER LIVES FOR EVERYONE!”

 Sound good? — Okay.  Well, let’s get started.

For starters — WHO AM I?

My name is Michael L. Brown (My friends call me Mike)… I’m 49 years old… I live in Fostoria, Ohio (USA)… I’m born and bred of the working class, here in the rural heartland of Northwest Ohio… I’m happily married (and have been for 25 years)… Have 5 children (all of whom are now adults, and out on their own — “Hoorah!” 😀   )… 7 grand-children (and 1 on the way)… 1 great grand-child… and two small dogs (a terrier mix and a miniature dachsund).

PAST EMPLOYMENT:  I was employed in RETAIL for 7 years (3 yrs. as an Asst. Mgr in a discount chain store)… MANUFACTURING/MACHINING for 15 years (where I rose up from being an entry level machine operator to managing my employer’s stockroom)… THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY  for 7 years (where I worked with my wife in a family-owned mortgage brokerage business)… CONSTRUCTION (1 yr.)… ETHANOL MANUFACTURING (1.5 yrs.)… and for the last two years — I’ve been largely unemployed, other than my work on the project that I will soon be telling you about.

EDUCATION:  I graduated high school in 1981 (with a 3.2 gpa — General Studies and some College Prep Coursework)… Since 1983 (29 yrs.) I have engaged in an intense ongoing, personal self-study of “All Things Business-Related” (wherein I’ve developed my mastery level knowlegde of Business Management, Business Planning, Business Development, Strategic Management and Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Brand Management and Development, Product Development, Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright Law), Business Law, Accounting, Finance, etc.) … in 1989-1990, I attended community college on a part-time basis while working to support my family, but dropped out after 2 semesters to start my first side-line business (because I needed to be making more money to support my family, and wasn’t learning anything I didn’t already know, or couldn’t learn on my own, as I had been doing for 7 years up to that point)   

Throughout my career (for the last 28 yrs.) I have additionally worked on the development of large scale business plans and product development projects, in addition to my jobs working for other employers.

SPECIAL ABILITIES:  Logical Problem Solving… Creative Projects and Creative Thinking… System Optimization/Efficiency Expert (possess an advanced capacity for assessing systems and making them work with “maximum efficiency”)… Market Opportunity Identification (possess an advanced capacity for identifying and assessing market needs and solutions for serving them)… Business Planning and Development… Product Development… Concept Development… Conceptual Web Development… Technical Writing… Copywriting… and more. 

INTERESTS:  Business Develpment and Product Development… Economics… Spirtuality (consider myself “enlightened” and have no fear of death)… Science (quantum physics, metaphysics, space science & exploration, “the Universe”, the paranormal)… Philosophy (life, law, governement)… History… National Security (military, diplomacy, world economic development)… Military (general interest and history)… Politics (non-aligned centrist/constitutionalist… conservative on fiscal issues, liberal on social issues)… Art… Music (rock and roll, heavy metal, 60’s british invasion, and all other forms of music)… Media (magazines and online media)… Movies & Film (especially horror movies, zombie movies, science fiction & fantasy, war movies, and comedies)… The “Nature of Odds” (I like to work on casino gambling strategies, although I’m not a gambler per se’ — I don’t even play the lottery. — but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to devise betting strategies capable of consistently overcoming the house’s edge)… Current Events… Doing my part, and whatever I can possibly do, to make the world a better place for everyone.

HOBBIES:  Business Development… Professional Networking… Musician (singing/guitar/bass guitar/song writing)… Book Collecting (95% non-fiction – many college textbooks)… Blogging and Writing… Family and Friends… Motorcycling (HARLEY-DAVIDSON RULES! — Unfortunately I had to sell my bike 😦 — But I do plan on getting another one at the first available opportunity  🙂  )

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT:  Am the Founder, CEO, and Director of Development for MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD and Brown Developmental.  — However it should be known that MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD is in pre-seed startup (which means it has no money, no revenues, and no funding at present) and while I seek to additionally provide my professional services as a consultant, public speaker, and service provider through Brown Developmental… I have not yet had ANY clients employ my services as of this time (primarily because I haven’t really had any money to market them — or at least I hope this is the reason.)  — With these things said:  While I’ve got some pretty grand titles, as well as some aspirations, and projects I’m working to develop… my official status is:  UNEMPLOYED and WITHOUT INCOME.       

Okay — so now you’ve got a good idea about my background, who I am, and how I generally think.  What it doesn’t tell you, however, is what I’m currently working on right now.  Read on, and all will soon be revealed.


I’ve been writing my ass off for the past week and a half, trying to get some financial support for my economic development solution, that I’ve been working to bring to market for 8 long years, and have rolled into the The MAG-NET MEDIA HUB and MAG-NET LOCAL — because last week was my last week of unemployment benefits, and now I’ve got no income whatsoever to support my wife and myself, and keep us from ending up out in the street.  — So these are the last ditch efforts of a drowning intellectual and self-proclaimed social scientist of the working class — who has been trying to do everything he can to bring the culmination of 8 years of intense economic development research and development to the world, before he has to put that project on INDEFINITE HOLD… and take whatever $10.00 an hour job he can find.

Believe me… it has been no walk in the park, but maybe this was how God intended this solution to be brought to the world.  I can only hope.  — Because that would mean I will ultimately be successful in this last ditch effort, and that the world, and the American Poor and Working Class — and ultimately, the poor and working classes around the globe — will soon get the “economic deliverence” that everyone needs.

Well anyway — I’ve been writing alot because a I posted some discussions on several of my LinkedIn Groups, in an attempt to try to reach some contacts for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, angel investors and investor groups, etc. — who would possibly be willing to engage me and assess my research from the past 8 years, as well as my plan, proposed solution, and prototype sites, for the web resource that I believe is capable of delivering to the world —

 “A New Economic Engine for a New Economic Age!”

While I’ve made a few possible contacts through those discussions… nothing seems to be happening fast enough.  And I am now 4 days into a week of trying to make these connections that I need to make, as part of this last ditch effort— when I more logically should have actually been out beating the bush for whatever job I could possibly find.

So, anyway — amid answering questions on my discussions on LinkedIn, and jumping back and forth between my email account and the discussion boards, to see what new questions and comments might have been posted on each of the boards, I found myself responding to a question on my post on the WHITE HOUSE ECONOMY SUBGROUP (which is a group on LinkedIn, administered by The WHITE HOUSE — (yes, the one in Washington D.C. that  President Barack Obama and his family currently reside in)…  that I’ve been hopeful would yield some serious activity from a great many highly qualified experts close to the federal government, but that has very much been largely disappointing, to say the least.

— But after I got done posting my response on that discussion, I began looking to see what other discussions might be active in the group, and where my discussion might have then been appearing within the group’s discussion list.  — And besides not even seeing my discussion in the Top 20 (which was rather disheartening, to say the least), or even anywhere on the first page… I saw a new post by a guy named Luc… with the discussion title of:

“America Faces a Worldwide Economic Revolution”

“Well, that looks interesting” I thought… “Maybe I can post something to that discussion board that might prove helpful to my cause, and maybe drive some additional traffic to my discussion board.”

So, I logged into the discussion thread and found that no one had yet posted any comments to it.  — And that other than the title of the thread — “America Faces a Worldwide Economic Revolution” — there was only a link to a post on the Skeptical Market Observer Blogspot of the same name. (Click Here to access that article)  — So, I clicked on it… and read it… gathered my thoughts… and then set about work, adding my comments about the article, to the LinkedIn group discussion.  

However… I was on a discussion board on the WHITE HOUSE ECONOMY SUBGROUP!  — And by God, I was going to make it count for something!

So, I rolled up my sleeves (well, not really — because I was sitting there wearing a disheveled and “holey” Harley Davidson short-sleeved t-shirt that I had been wearing for two days, and had even slept in, the night before) and began my work.

Before the smoke had cleared, I had filled up THREE comment boxes in succession, with around 12,000 characters in all… and had issued a SHOUT OUT to the Economic Development Community, the WHITE HOUSE, and to PRESIDENT OBAMA.

And here is what I said:   

(Part One)

Hi, Luc.

The article you linked to is filled with a host of truisms about the state of our economy, how we arrived here, and what we need to do to fix it.

However, the challenges arrayed before us that must be fixed, are so complex and dependent upon a great many “self-preservationists” in positions of power — who will likely continue to clutch and hold onto that power (and money) so tightly, that they’ll never be willing to “scale back” for the benefit of ALL Americans — that it is highly unlikely that solutions that could ultimately turn America back from the brink of destruction, will ever be implemented in time to do so.

While the article did do a good job of laying out the myriad of problems arrayed against us — like many articles and posts, it didn’t really offer any concrete solutions. And that’s because 99.99999999% of the worlds’ population — including the so-called geniuses in the seats of power — simply DO NOT KNOW HOW the American and World Economies can be saved, without throwing the American Working Class and Poor to the wolves.

You see, the emerging World Economy, as described in the article, is that of a One World Government with many multi-national corporations, financiers, and powerful political leaders, at it’s helm. Now, I know this is beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist rant, but no — it’s not that at all. You see, I don’t believe that it’s the by-product of any kind of major conspiracy or anything… just the natural development of an under-regulated free market system, developing as it would naturally under the influence of “intense greed” among the self-serving “elitist class”.

The elitist class has merely done what they do best. And that is — leverage their power and money to accumulate and control more power and money, without a second thought about America’s poor and working class. They’ve done what they’ve done with no thought or care about providing jobs and economic stability or viability for the people that they consider being on the front lines of America’s labor force. They have only cared about the money that they could put in their pockets from the American People’s naievete, by plying them with inexpensive products and electronics from Asia — like playboys plying a beautiful girl with cheap champaigne. And the American People fell for it. They’ve surrendered their standards of living and jobs for a few decades of being able to live like kings, with their TV’s in every room… their hot tubs and pools… their expensive cars and boats — virtually everything they could have ever imagined! — But, now what?

What do you do with the American Poor and Working Class, now that they’ve been bled about 60% dry? — When you no longer want to provide them with good paying jobs, because that would mean you having to get up off of some of your hoard? — When you no longer want to provide them with any form of social safety nets, to keep them from starving or living in the streets? — When you no longer give them any other choice but to run wild in the streets, robbing and looting to survive, and calling for revolution and the heads of the “ELITE” on a silver platter. (Remember the French Revolution? — the guillotines ran red with blood for 3 years, as “The People” did away with the “Ruling Elite and Aristocracy”.)


(Part Two)

I’ve been a student of business and economics for nearly 30 years, and for the last 8 years I’ve been working on the problems of inefficiency within the job search, job creation, business development, and economic development areas of society. — And as crazy and megalomaniacal as it might sound — I’ve created a solution that can make it HUNDREDS OF TIMES EASIER for people to “Find Jobs… Build Careers… and Start and Expand Both New and Existing Businesses” wherever this solution is rolled out.

What needs to be done is that the playing field really needs to be leveled for everyone. Entrepreneurial-Minded People from ALL walks of life, and especially amongst the working class and poor, need to be provided with a better means of disseminating their needs within the marketplace. A means that will enable them to create the kinds of businesses that they want for themselves, that can generate the level of income that will sustain them and their families, and that will provide them with the level of “personal job satisfaction” that they seek.


Here’s a little tidbit of information that many people don’t realize… the majority of the people in the working class and amongst the working poor HATE their jobs! (Hard to imagine, right?)

A study done in 2007 (even before the collapse of the housing bubble) showed that 4 out of 5 factory workers literally HATED their jobs. Which obviously meant that they would have rather been doing something else, right?. — But because the better paying jobs that they were able to acquire in their local communities were factory jobs — they NEEDED to work in manufacturing jobs in order to try to adequately support the needs of themselves and their families.

Well, guess what? The jobs in manufacturing simply aren’t there anymore, and now we’ve got MILLIONS of displaced factory workers struggling to survive as their unemployment benefits have largely run out, and there is absolutely no place for them to turn.

At the same time, the loss of their incomes have affected a multitude of people in other industries and segments of society, and are pushing state, local, and federal governments to their breaking points.

If you want to turn this economy around and to not only keep the world as we know it from going down the tubes, but create a NEW ECONOMY and a NEW SOCIETY that is better… and happier… than any times that may have ever come before — then the solution that I’ve discovered and developed MUST be put in place.

In 2006 (3 years into my research and development project) I was thinking about WHY the solution I had developed could make it HUNDREDS OF TIMES EASIER for people to “Find Jobs… Build Careers… and Start and Expand Both New and Existing Businesses” — and what I learned was that mankind had been utilizing largely the same strategy for “disseminating opportunities”, the same way for 150,000 years! — Since the dawn of commerce in mankind’s history!

However, in the late 1970’s… population growth, technological developments, etc., had brought us to a point where the old paradigm was no longer sufficient for our continued economic growth. — And at that time, a new strategy for managing “opportunity dissemination” in society, not only needed to be put in place before we could advance economically as an intellectual species… but before we could actually attain our next higher economic age, that the development and proliferation of the internet could provide.

(Part 3 and Conclusion)

So, if you really want to know why we’ve been struggling in a continuous succession of rising and falling economic indicators, fueled by the development and bursting of various “bubbles” (the bubble, the housing bubble, the stock market bubble, etc.) it’s because our society has required an “upgrade” in our “opportunity dissemination infrastructure” (an infrastructure that the scientific community doesn’t even recognize as existing — which should tell you something about the true complexities of economics, and mankind’s level of ignorance in regards to this area of quasi-science) since the late 1970’s.

(Funny that the author of the post at the heart of this discussion said we’d been in need of “economic revolution” for 30 years — he was only 5 years short.)

Take heart in the fact that while we’ve been in need of this infrastructure updgrade for 35 years, and have had the level of technology mastery required to implement it for 15 years (but lacked the knowledge and will to implement it) — the solution to our economic problems are close at hand.

— That is, if I can find someone to help me fund the completion of the required resource, and get it rolled out to towns, cities, and villages across the United States, and then the world. (Hint, Hint 😉 )

Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, “WHITE HOUSE” and PRESIDENT OBAMA!

Does anybody up there have their ears on?

— A largely self-educated, working class, college-dropout social scientist, and self-proclaimed expert on business development, economic development, and job creation — from the “sticks” of Northwest Ohio — is out here “BANGIN'” on the White House Doors… trying to get your attention and tell you that I’VE GOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR ECONOMIC PROBLEMS! So, how about taking a little time to hear me out and maybe give me a little help in bringing this new solution to the masses?!?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to actually DO something about the problems that we face, rather than simply TALKING about them all of the time?!?

Well, get ahold of me and let’s get this sucker fixed!!!


Thanks Luc, for providing me a platform to say what I needed to say. — Sorry, if I took over your post.

Peace and Best Wishes — Michael

P.S. — If anybody else out there would like to find out more about the solution I’m working to bring to market, and maybe help me find funding for the project, and get it rolled out… please go to my profile page here on LinkedIn… send me an invitation to connect… and get in touch with me. I can use all the help I can get.

Again — Peace and Best Wishes — Michael.

Okay — well that’s it.  So, what do you think?

All I know for sure — besides the fact that the economic development solution I’ve developed, truly is everything that I said it was — is that I will be extremely sad if I don’t get some serious consideration for my project, after that post.

Why? — It’s not for the reasons that you might think.  — It’s not because I would naturally stand to become super wealthy (a BAZILLIONAIRE even!) from developing and rolling out a resource such as the one described.  — But, because of the psychological impact that such a revelation can have on a person.

Imagine… if you had been looking for a job in 2003… and after experiencing — first-hand for the first time in 20 years — the terrible inefficiencies in society’s job search infrastructure… and you had personally experienced a “lightbulb moment” in which you cried out:

“I just wish there was a publication that I could pick up from the corner store, that had ALL of the area’s jobs listed in it!  That way I’d never have to worry about missing out on a good job opportunity!  I’d be willing to pay $10.00 for a publication like that!”

Well, that’s what happened to me.  — But unlike with most people… I am an entrepreneurial-minded guy.  — And to me, that was a challenge that I felt I was capable of undertaking… and developing and bringing to market — so I DID take up that challenge!

Then… after 3 years of  mostly 18-hour work days… — After developing the 250-page launch plan with 150 pages of appendixes… — And developing the required prototype for the publication and concept that was capable of making it HUNDREDS OF TIMES EASIER for people to “Find Jobs… Build Careers… and Start and Expand Both New and Existing Businesses” wherever those localized publishing operations were rolled out… — And working feverishly to find serious consideration and funding to move the project forward…  — After 3 years of that — when that revelation concerning the project came upon me (that I referred to in my LinkedIn post above), and made me believe that the POSSIBILITY EXISTED THAT GOD may have somehow planned for this solution to come to mankind through me!  — That perhaps all of the struggles that I had gone through, throughout my entire life up to that point… may have been so that I might be able to learn all of the lessons that I might need to learn, in order to bring this innovation — “A NEW ECONOMIC ENGINE… FOR A NEW ECONOMIC AGE! — to the World!  — THAT EXPERIENCE placed a great deal of burden on my soul and on my psyche, that I’ve carried with me ever since.

Because how can one give up on a quest that one believes may have been ordained and set upon him, by God?!?  — That would be like Noah saying “No, God… I don’t think that I can build this Ark that you want me to build, so I’m just going to quit and go do something else” — How could someone quit a project like that?!? — Before expending their every last energy in trying to bring it to fruition?!?

This is exactly what I’ve faced since 2006.  — That has kept driving me onward… — Forcing me to keep this project in the forefront of my mind, and not letting me drop it… or forget about it… or stray very far from a path that could lead to it’s ultimate roll out and success.

In 2007 — when the mortgage industry ultimately collapsed — and the substantial income that my wife had been earning, which had been financing my ability to continue working full-time on the project for 4 long years… collapsed along with it…  — And I was forced to take a job as a Site Maintenance Man on a construction site for $12.50 per hour.  — When that phase of my quest to bring my economic development solution to mankind… and all viable routes for bringing it to market evaporated before me — could I simply drop the project?  No — I couldn’t!  Something inside me said “You’ve simply got to figure out another way!”

So, I began working on The MAG-NET MEDIA HUB… a website that would make it easier for people to find the official websites of magazines online… — And I did this with the idea that I could launch that website, and make a good deal of money from that business, that I could then use to bring my economic development solution to market.

But, 2 years later — after working a full-time job to support my family, and working every other available minute on the development of the website — while I had largely completed enough work on the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB to actually begin ramping it up in the Spring of 2010 — even after I found myself in the unemployment line once again after 2.5 grueling years of hell — something just kept telling me — “No, it’s not ready yet… Keep working on it… Keep refining it.”  — So, I did.

Then 1 year later — in the Spring of 2011 — I was moved to begin work on the localized, geographic-based aspect of the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, which I later called MAG-NET LOCAL.  — And in May of 2011, I received the inspiration to roll the economic development solution that I had developed in 2003, into each of the MAG-NET LOCAL HUBSITES, and thus — the Economic Development Suites” of MAG-NET LOCAL were born!

— And when I ultimately finished with the prototype design… I looked upon the entire MAG-NET MEDIA HUB and MAG-NET LOCAL projects and systems, with the Economic Development Suites added to the mix… and I realized that I had created the PERFECT STRATEGY for delivering the economic development solution to the marketplace, and to mankind!

With all of the things that I’ve relayed to you here — how could I possibly feel anything but sad at the prospect of having to put this project on hold once again, and suffer under who knows how many more years of torment and exhaustion, until I can ultimately bring this solution to market, or die in the process.

No… that’s why NOW is the time to take a stand!  NOW is the time to make sure my voice is heard, whatever the cost!  And NOW is the time to bring this solution to market, or die trying!  So help me God!    


“Peace and Best Wishes to You”.

Michael L. Brown is the Founder, CEO, and Director of Development of Brown Developmental and MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD. He is a self-educated expert in business development, strategic planning, economics, and marketing, and has more than 25-years of professional business and operations efficiency experience, along with a keen insight and 8 years of R&D experience in economic development.

Through the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB’S Geographic-Based MAG-NET LOCAL System, he seeks to bring “A New Economic Engine for a New Economic Age” to the World, and is also available for consulting projects and speaking engagements. To inquire as to his availability for your project or event, send a request for more information to


Would you like to bring “A New Economic Engine for a New Economic Age” to your community?

MAG-NET LOCAL Operations Franchises are available in ALL geographic areas throughout the United States and abroad! Send requests for more information to


Surf the World of Magazines and Media at The MAG-NET MEDIA HUB

“Your Gateway to the World of Magazines, Periodicals, and Media Online!”


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By Michael L. Brown – Founder, CEO, and Director of Development of Brown Developmental and MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD.

On December 18, 2011, I was “googling” the phrase “Economic Engine” — a phrase that I have often used in describing the economic development solution that I have been working to bring to market for 8 years — and I soon found myself reading a blog post by Dr. Jeff Cornwall of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee… entitled “The Hidden Economic Engine”.  (Click Here to access Dr. Cornwall’s post.)

To summarize: Dr. Cornwall was basically saying that unemployment figures may not necessarily be as high as we might think they are — (Dr. Cornwall cited the official number of the U.S. federal government of 9%, and offered his actual estimation of 16%) — due to the “Underground Economy” and “Black Market Economy”, where entrepreneurs are pretty much just operating on an untraceable cash basis, possibly for themselves, and/or for those that they employ.

Dr. Cornwall references an article by Robert Neuwirth in Foreign Policy magazine, entitled “The Shadow Superpower” (Click Here to access that article) that “investigates the $10 trillion global underground economy, which is also becoming known as System D.”

Neuwirth writes:

“By 2020, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) projects, two-thirds of the workers of the world will  be employed in System D. There’s no multinational, no Daddy Warbucks or  Bill Gates, no government that can rival that level of job creation.  Given its size, it makes no sense to talk of development, growth,  sustainability, or globalization without reckoning with System D.”

I found both the article by Robert Neuwirth, and the post of Dr. Cornwall, to be quite interesting, because while we all know that the underground economy exists, and we can all sense that it is in a state of high growth following the continuing economic turbulence since 2007″ (dare we call it collectively the beginning of a “Depression” yet, regardless of how the so-called “economics experts” define it?) — but to sense that the growth of this unregulated, off-the-grid, segment of society was somehow being applauded… was simply somewhat of a new experience for me.

In response to Dr. Cornwall’s post, I offered the following comment:

“The tone in your post, Dr. Cornwall, hints at the idea that you are supportive of the proliferation of the underground economy, and that everything will be okay if entrepreneurs are simply left to their own devices, regardless of what the government does, or does not do. But to think that the government will simply get out of the way of entrepreneurs, and allow them to circumvent registration requirements and existing federal, state, and local tax laws — regardless of whether or not they are creating jobs for people who need them — is a gross underestimation of the tenacity of our government’s will to exert control (through regulation) over all forms of commerce.

Governmental regulation turns entrepreneurs who choose to operate outside of said tenets, into dishonest “criminals” that must spin webs of deceit and constantly look over their shoulders, in order to hide their activities from their governments… and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Therefore, we can’t simply embrace the idea of supporting the wholesale proliferation of an underground or black market economy. — We can’t just say “Okay, government. Do your worst, because you’re too inept or unprepared to enforce your regulations anyway.” — We can’t (as entrepreneurs and citizens) simply adopt a “Catch me if you can!” mentality, and forget the fact that our governments are supposed to be representative of us (meaning all of us) as a collective, and that we all have a “responsibility” to do everything in our power to 1.) abide by established regulations, and 2.) influence positive change within the system, wherever it is needed.

It may indeed be an up-hill battle, but as entrepreneurs and citizens, it is a battle that we must continuously be prepared to fight, because the alternative pushes us further into the realm of chaos and anarchy.

I’m just saying that the vast majority of entrepreneurs don’t want to operate outside of the law — and though we occasionally may find ourselves having to do so in order to survive — we need to maintain a mindset of putting in the work required, to affect positive change within the various regulatory systems.”

Now, you can think what you want.  You can call me naieve… You can say that my views on this subject are not in tune with the realities on the ground.  — That our governments are too jaded… — Too full of politicians beholden to big business, special interests, and political lobbyists…  — That regardless of what we might say or do, that the political and regulatory behemoths behind the Federal U.S. Government, and each of the state and local governments, can not be swayed from their desire to control EVERYTHING that happens within their jurisdictions — both commercial and private.

I’m just saying that when Thomas Jefferson wrote that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, he was not only referring to revolution in it’s most extreme and violent form, but merely to the fact that sometimes you simply have to take action and stand up, make yourself heard, and try to affect positive legislative and regulatory change, in a peaceful manner, as part of that process…  — And that that too is part of every patriot’s responsibility, in his fight to preserve freedom for all… — And so we shouldn’t forget it regardless of what we have to do and endure, within our current economic climate.

Break the law as an entrepreneur if you have to, in order to survive… but don’t applaud it, and don’t become satisfied with the idea that that is the only way.  Remember your responsibility to try to affect positive change within the system, so that the system can be improved for everyone’s benefit.

Remember — The government belongs to “The People”, and is supposed to be representative of, and working for, “The Good of the People”.   So, do your part, and do everything you can, to make the government do it’s job right.


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The Birth and Growth of the MAG-NET MEDIA HUB Project — Part One   7 comments

The MAG-NET MEDIA HUBMichael L. Brown - Founder, CEO, and Director of Development - MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD

In 2007 — after 4 years of working to find financing for a publishing project designed to make it HUNDREDS OF TIMES EASIER for people to “Find Jobs… Build Careers… and Start and Expand Both New and Existing Businesses”, throughout my home state of Ohio… throughout the United States… and throughout the entire industrialized and developing world — I was forced to put the project on hold after my wife’s mortgage company (the family business that had been sustaining my business development aspirations) finally crumbled to the ground, following the collapse of the housing bubble in the United States.

My new mission at that point — was to find whatever work I could find quickly, in order to keep a roof over my family’s heads.

The job I took?  — Was a position as a Site Maintenance Man on a construction site for a shiny new ethanol plant in our rural little town of Fostoria, Ohio.  — A job that paid just $12.50 per hour, and one that was a far cry from being one that would utilize the business planning and business development skills that I had been developing and honing over the previous 20 years… but it was a good, and much needed job, in times that were quickly becoming “stormy” — to say the least.

However, while I settled into my new reality, and my new “Day Job”… I still wasn’t willing to totally give up on the mission that I had been pursuing for four long years —  because I was convinced (and still am) — that the very resource that I had been working to bring to market, was the very solution that the world needed, in order to get us out of the economic down-slide that working class people throughout the U.S., had been experiencing since the late 90’s… and that the entire world was then beginning to feel in 2007, in the aftermath of the housing market collapse, and the huge jolts that we were then beginning to see developing in financial markets worldwide.  — I knew the entire world would soon come to need this resource that could spur economic development on a scale never seen before, and so I needed to continue my work, in whatever way that might be possible.

— So, while I worked on the ethanol plant construction project during the day — (ten hours per day… five to six days per week) — I spent all of my evenings working on the problem of “How do I get my economic development solution to market, without any form of financing?” — The answer that came to my mind:  “You’ve got to develop a business that doesn’t require a bunch of capital to start.  One that you can invest your time in, and build into something big enough to eventually provide the startup financing you will need, for the economic development resource.”

Soon after coming to that realization, I knew exactly what new business idea I needed to begin developing.  It was a business idea that had previously come to me about a year before, when I had been searching for the official websites of some magazines online.

During my economic development project, I had developed my first website for my business development company — Brown Business Development.  ( I later renamed this pseudonym of my business development activities, to better reflect my social development aspirations, and began calling it Brown Developmental in 2008.)

As part of that website, I had developed a page where I had placed links to all kinds of different web resources (the Patent and Trademark Office… The SBA… The U.S. Department of Commerce… etc.).  A few months after starting the page, I came up with the idea of adding links to various business magazines on the page, so I started seeking out different business magazines using the algorithmic search functions on Yahoo!

— While some titles were relatively easy to find, I found that typing in the name of a magazine would often just lead me to a bunch of listings for magazine subscription sites where one could order mailorder subscriptions of the magazines I was looking for — but all too often it was quite difficult to find links to the “official websites” of some of the magazines that I was seeking… — And sometimes… it was downright impossible, even though I knew those magazines probably did have websites.  It was just that they couldn’t be easily found using the algorithmic search engines, because all of the subscription sites, and other sites, were ranking higher than the magazines themselves… for their own titles!  — So, I remember thinking at the time: “That would be a really good idea for a website!  — A website that would provide links to the “Official Websites of Magazines Online!”

So, I filed the idea away in the back of my brain for future reference… and when I needed a good business idea with high potential and minimal upfront investment — it was the first thing that came to my mind.


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So, Is It Official? Has Social Media Finally Killed Traditional Marketing on the Web?   19 comments


Just last night, I read a presentation by Dharmesh Shah — the CTO of HubSpot — that he recently presented to a sold out session at the’s Dreamforce 2011 Conference (Click Here to access that presentation on the HubSpot Blog) where he said:

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away, it was really easy, or easier to be a
marketing magician. Because what you had was you had this magical wishing well
and you threw coins into the magical wishing well and leads and prospects and
customers emerged magically somehow. And this is like the kind of marketing
budget thing, so you have a budget, you kind of fill it out there, you get
billboards, you do advertising, you do all the crazy outbound marketing things
that people did that really worked well and for the most part, it worked ok back
then. And as long as you had enough of those gold coins that you continued to
pour into the well, leads continued to come back with varying degrees of
regularity. And then something problematic happened. The Internet came along.
And bestowed this magical power on all of the people all across the land. And
allowed mere mortals to actually have power and decide what they read and don’t
read. And decide whether they will or will not talk to marketing people. And
they revolted. They were like, We’re not listening to this crap anymore. I hate
marketers. And they had the power to actually communicate and block all of this
wonderful outbound marketing out.”
“And so, this made the princess very sad. And, along came inbound marketing.
So, the idea behind inbound marketing is that instead of taking this budget and
spending this budget to kind of broadcast your message far and wide, why not use
that same budget to increase the probability that those that are looking for you
– that actually want what you have to sell will actually find you? That’s the
fundamental thesis.”
“And it makes marketing less of this and more of this that marketing people
will actually love and it was possible. And there was much rejoicing once that
happened. And that is the end of that story.”

Okay… just to be clear… Dharmesh was basically saying that Inbound Marketing (i.e. SEO, analytics, and using that information to convert users to sales prospects) has effectively trumped Outbound Marketing (Online Ads, Email Marketing, etc.) on the Web. Meaning that paying for ad space on the web is far too ineffective (because people hate it and don’t pay any attention to it anyway) and that everybody should instead be putting their money into developing interesting content — in the form of blog posts, articles, and multimedia “things” — that can drive potential customers to your websites where you can track them while you entertain them, and maybe find out how you might some day be of service to them (i.e. convert them into leads), etc.

Dharmesh went on to say how paid advertising has a short half-life. Meaning that when you are paying for advertising, you do get a boost in traffic, but it is short lived. As soon as your ad campaign stops running, your traffic plummets back to what it was before, under normal running conditions. — But when you’re talking about a blog post or article that has been effectively optimized through SEO — maximized for keywords, promoted through social media, subsequently linked to and referenced by others — Dharmesh says that the half-life is much, much longer, and that it never goes away completely because your blog post remains out there — in the wild expanses of the world wide web — for people to keep stumbling upon, even after you’ve long forgotten about it and moved onto other things.

Dharmesh also said that 57% of internet users search the web everyday for something (specifically referring to searches on the algorithmic search engines — i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)… and that alot of the time (47% of the time to be exact) they are searching for information about products and services.

He then goes on to say that 70% of people searching for things on the algorithmic search engines, click on the free organic (unpaid) links… as opposed to the paid links that are usually found along the right hand side of the page, and just above the list of free organic links.

After that… Dharmesh says that 60% of all organic searches click on the “Top 3” Search Results“So, in order to really get traffic for those keywords”, he says, “you need to rank in the Top 3 results because the majority of the traffic goes to the Top 3”. Immediately following that, he says, “If you’re ranking on page 2, 3, 4, N humans, carbon based life forms, don’t actually go to those subsequent pages. Based on data, if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the first page or two, you just change your search terms, like oh, I must have asked Googled the wrong question. I will just rephrase my search instead of actually going through each page. So you need to rank in the top, that’s the key message there.”

I would like to go further in sharing Dharmesh’s data with you, by saying that the slide in his slide presentation that showed this data, showed data for each of the “Top 10” search results, and alluded to the fact that 101% (?) of all organic searches were limited to the 10 listings that appeared on the first page of the search results.

Now, I’m not quite sure how the first page gets 101% of the clicks… however, that’s not even an issue that I was even looking to comment on here. I just added together the numbers that were presented, and that’s what I got. I would have rather it added up to a number like 89% or something like that, because that would have been more believable, and to my point. That point being — the same as Dharmesh’s — that if you’re not ranking in the top of the search results for your keywords… you’re probably not going to get found through the free organic search results, on the algorithmic search engines.

So, anyway — God Love Him — Dharmesh is a nice, and funny, and energetic guy.  I’m sure I would have enjoyed hearing his presentation in person.  — And… he believes in the power of the algorithmic search engines… SEO… the power of great content… the power of blogs… and the like.   — And all of that is just fine.  (— I too believe in the power of great content and blogs… not so much in the power of algorithmic search engines and SEO — but whatever.)

However… when I got done spending more than an hour going through his slideshow from the conference, and reading through his presentation —  I still wasn’t sold on what he was selling.

Then — TONIGHT — I’m going through my email, and I find an email from my Twitter Strategies Group on LinkedIn, with the subject line of : “A New Baby – Social Media Mags”.

Well, of course — being the guy that I am… (someone who is highly interested in anything concerning magazines) — I had to see what it was all about.

I opened the email and read about how a guy named Larry Genkin had spent over a year working on a project called Social Media Mags (Click Here for the a Link to the site).  — And basically, Larry is coming out with 4 new magazines (to which I could subscribe to the digital versions of each for free — which I did)… “Twitter & Business“… “FB (Facebook) & Business“… “The Big G (Google) & Business“… and “LI (LinkedIn) & Business“.

A great idea and something that will be very helpful, I thought.  — I’ve spent more than a year trying to figure out how to best use Twitter, and Facebook, and LinkedIn, to help me with the ramp up and launch of my web-based business (The MAG-NET MEDIA HUB)… and have often thought that entrepreneurs could be helped tremendously, if there were a magazine or two that focused on providing people with insights about how to use each of these specific social media sites to their advantage on the web.  — And now it’s coming!  — Awesome!

But then, I saw the following quote at the top of the landing page on the Social Media Mags website that the email sent me to, that said:

“You can’t buy attention anymore. Having a huge budget doesn’t mean anything in social media…The old paradigm was pay to play. Now you get back what you authentically put in. You’ve got to be willing to play to play.”  — Alex Bogusky, Co-Chairman CP&B

“What the hell!” I thought… Did I wake up today in a world that has GONE COMPLETELY MAD!

— Did I wake up in a world that has become completely sold on the notion that the “ALL-POWERFUL and ALL-KNOWING WIZARD OF OZ OF THE INTERNET (Google)” and the discipline of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (a.k.a. — the controls behind the curtain) is “The End-All, of End-Alls” of marketing on the World Wide Web?!?!?

Has everybody really bought into the idea that you can just blog your company’s way to profitability on the web?!?  — And, that that is the best option that there is?!?

To make my point… let me go back for a minute to what Dharmesh said in his presentation.

“In order to really get traffic for those keywords” he says “you need to rank in the Top 3 results because the majority of the traffic goes to the Top 3”.  Immediately following that, he says, “If you’re ranking on page 2, 3, 4, N humans, carbon based life forms, don’t actually go to those subsequent pages. Based on data, if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the first page or two, you just change your search terms.”

Does anyone disagree with that?  — I certainly don’t.  — This is exactly what I do when I’m using Google to casually search for something on the web, and most everyone I know… does the exact same thing!

With that said — How difficult do you really think it’s going to be for the average business to rank in the TOP TENlet alone the TOP THREE! — for a specific set of keywords, in an algorithmic search?  Especially when you take into account that — as I stated in one of my previous posts (A Shout Out to All Magazine Publishers) citing data obtained from Pingdom on January 12, 2011 ( — as of June 2010 there were 255,000,000 websites on the web… with 21,400,000 being added in 2010 (for an increase of 8.3%), as well as 152,000,000 blogs.   — Now take into account that the web is continuing to grow, at or around that same 8% clip… and then take into account that the number of blogs and blog posts, is also continuing to grow… and it’s not hard to see where I’m coming from with this.

—- Here is some additional data for you to chew on…

I typed the following search into Google: “BLOGS PER DAY”.

After hitting the enter key, the Pingdom blog post from 2010 that I previously mentioned, came up in the #1 spot.  However, while I knew that post had a lot of valuable data in it, I knew it didn’t have the precise data that I was looking for.  So, I went on to the #2 spot.

In the second search result spot was a CNET News Post (from 2006) that said that in 2006, Technorati was saying that the blogosphere was doubling in size every six months!  — It also said that Technorati had added it’s 50 MILLIONTH blog in July of that year, and that (at that time) there were 2 blogs being born every second!And that was just blogs that were listed with Technorati!  (Click Here for that post).

That same post stated that at that time in 2006, there were 1.6 MILLION new blog posts being rolled out EACH DAY on the web… or 18.6 NEW POSTS PER SECOND!

Now, I’m just saying that given the fact that the strategy that Dharmesh and others within the World of SEO and Social Media are espousing, means adding to that number significantly — how then can they figure that the average business is going to stand “A Snowball’s Chance in Hell” of ranking in the TOP THREE for their chosen sets of keywords?

Sure, if someone Googles something associated with a locality like “LAW FOSTORIA OHIO” for instance… they will more than likely get a list of lawyers for the Fostoria Ohio area, at the top of the search results.  Because that’s “Google Places” at work within the Google system.  — However, what do you think the odds are for the local crankshaft manufacturers in the Fostoria Area — whose markets are national and international in scope — of getting them to come up in nationally-focused search results that are appropriate for them, when you type in a search for “crankshaft manufacturers”.  — Quite simply… there are so many websites and blogposts using those non localized sets of keywords, that you’re just not likely to find them on the first page… or on the second… or on the third… and so forth.

That’s why “Directories“, “Directory-Based Search Engines“, “Specialized Portals“, and “Hubsites” (like The MAG-NET MEDIA HUB) are so important on the web, even with all of the tremendous power that the algorithmic search engines provide.

There is still a massive gap between what the algorithmic search engines can actually accomplish, and what people are looking for, when they are looking for specific TYPES of businesses, products, or services, on the web.  People still need to have access to web-based resources that can “Bridge that Gap” between the algorithmic search results, and the unknown entities and products (those businesses that they don’t specifically know about) and services, that people are searching for.

— And while social media is great, and SEO is valuable to a certain extent… I think everybody needs to understand that while Google and Yahoo have gotten us much closer to a world wide web that is more efficient — it is still far from being optimally efficient, and the “End-All of End-Alls”.

— And then to characterize social media and SEO as being “The Present and Future of Online Marketing”, when it’s value to most businesses within the national and international marketplace will ultimately be akin to “Pressing the Spin Button on a Progressive Slot Machine, and Hoping to Win THE JACKPOT!”(simply because of the sheer numbers of competing websites and blogs on the web) — as marketers we’ve got to follow logic, and spend our money where it will do the most good, and ultimately bring the most sales.

Online marketing is definitely taking a turn… but does social media mean the death of traditional marketing and the need for businesses to spend advertising dollars both online and off?  — Personally… I don’t think so.  — Not by a long shot.

The need for businesses to advertise in places where their target markets can find them, are probably more necessary today than they’ve ever been… simply because the marketplace has gotten so much bigger, and is growing larger by the second!

Posted by Michael L. Brown — Founder, CEO, and Director of Development — MAG-NET MEDIA HUB, LTD.

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